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This is our student government. They enhance our school’s reputation by being visible and active in leadership. Their main goal is to develop school pride and positive communication among the students, faculty, and community. Alliance strives for excellence through leadership. Elections are held each spring.

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Students in these classes perform and compete in a variety of contests and events throughout the year. See registration guide for detailed descriptions of the classes available.

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Chatfield offers a variety of choir classes. Students in these choirs perform at various events and competitions throughout the school year. See the registration guide for a detailed description of these classes.

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This club allows students who are interested in business and marketing to compete with other students at the district, state and national level in several different career interest categories. Students will have the opportunity to travel to conferences and too network for future career opportunities.

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Drama/Thespians Club

This club is open to all students who enjoy the different aspects of the performing arts. Many members are involved in helping to stage our school productions.

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(Future Business Leaders Of America)

This is a national business club that develops leaderships, fosters competition,participates within the community, and promotes social activities. The club is open to all students currently or previously enrolled in business classes in all grades.

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National Honor Society

NHS is an honorary service organization for second semester sophomores, juniors and seniors. Membership is offered to academically qualified students who meet leadership, character and service requirements. Academic requirements are based upon different cumulative grade point averages for each class. Prospective members must also have completed ten hours of community service since beginning high school.

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National Art Honor Society

This group of students share a common interest in the Arts. Their purpose is to use their art skills in becoming an active participant in the Art Program and to utilize their skills in performing community service.

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After taking journalism and going through an interview process, students are selected to be reporters for one of five sections: News, Editorials, Features, Center Spread, and Sports. They produce at least six issues per year. Editors-in-chief and section editors are responsible for the production and success of the paper. This is an elective class.

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This is an organization of students who are interested in competitive forms of public speaking and performance. It includes debate, oratory, public speaking, and interpretations of literature, student congress and mock trial. Besides attending weekend competitions, they plan fun social events. Students from all grade levels may participate.

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After an intense interview process and a display of their respective talents, students are selected to be writers, photographers, or computer experts. Editors from these three areas guide their staffs through deadlines. Each year, the yearbook staff will plan, organize, and publish a memorable book. This is an elective class.

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Anime Club

Are you interested in Anime art? Come watch Anime films and join our discussions of this art form. We meet every Wednesday at 2:30pm

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The purpose of the BIONIC team at CSH is to support students, staff, and community members who are dealing with difficult life situations. The team seeks to reach out to students who may feel isolated from school as a result of loss of a family member, an illness, a hospitalization or other tragedy.

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Book Club

The CSH Book Club is a place for students and teachers to meet and do what good readers do: discuss books. This will be an informal time for all of us to enjoy books, share our thoughts, and enjoy sweet treats! We will meet sporadically throughout the year on Wednesdays in room A-118. Check Mrs. Bazz's website for more details.

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In the spring, there is a competitive tryout for our varsity and junior varsity cheerleading squad. They serve as a support group for many athletic and special events at school. The Cheer Squad generally performs throughout the events that they attend.

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Color Guard

Color guard is a group that is involved with the Marching Band. They audition in the spring for the upcoming fall season. The group performs with the band at all competitions and games. Flag work, dance and movement are all important parts of this group.

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Participants in this organization assist in the PR of the Colorado Safe2Tell program working with the SRO.

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(Gay-Straight Alliance)

The Gay-Straight Alliance is a student lead and organized club to give everyone a safe place to turn. This club addresses the issue of discrimination and creates a safe environment to provide support for one another. The club will meet twice a month to discuss current events, serve as a support group, and participate in fun activities.

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Key Club

Standing for "Kiwanis Educating Youth," this group is a service-oriented club with many activities and opportunities for volunteer work. There are many social events with lots of opportunities to make new friends with other KEY Clubs throughout the district. It is possible to letter through KEY Club participation.

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(Multicultural Alliance)

This is an organization that all students are welcome to join.  They work to create an understanding and appreciation for diversity in our community. Their meetings involve field trips, celebrations, discussions and presentations.

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Outdoor Lab

This is an opportunity for Juniors and Seniors who enjoy working with the sixth grade students and teachers at the outdoor lab school. This provides excellent opportunities to develop and practice leadership, teaching, and organizational skills as well as earn .5 credit or community service hours. See your counselor for more information.

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The Pom Pom Squad is composed of young women that have gone through a tryout in the Spring and Fall. They serve as a support group for athletic and special events at school. Their dance routines are performed primarily during halftimes.

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Rugby Club

The club will teach members the basic rules and terms for Rugby. Students will not play rugby, but watch videos and analyze the sport. Grow a deeper appreciation for the sport.

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Club is promoting an understanding of and advocacy for UNICEF as an organization. As a member they pledge a commitment to the UNICEF mission.

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Ultimate Frisbee

The purpose of this club is to get people outside to play Ulimate Frisbee and make some new friends

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